Welcome to the website of Donghyeop Innoce, a company that puts
foremost priority on people and environment.

Donghyeop Innoce is a company that has been newly launched under the company motto of ‘Energy conservation, harmony between daily life environment and natural environment, and contribution towards local society’ on the basis of our know-how accumulated from manufacturing of lighting system, designed lighting devices and light posts over several years.We developed highly efficient reflection plate for application to lighting device in order to reduce CO2 emission, which has become one of the most serious environmental issues in our society in recent years. Moreover, we are providing integrated system that encompasses presentation of design that maximally considers the preferences of users and manufacturing of various products.
We are also manufacturing LED products by ensuring that they provide stable performances through research and development, which we firmly believe will become the foundation on which to achieve green growth. Donghyeop Innoce shall strive to become a company that fulfills our pledge of doing our utmost even if we sell only a single product by highly valuing the opinions of each of and every customers.
Quotation/Guidance on inquiries
E-mail. FAX : 053-341-9042